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Organic Duvets

Organic cotton folded duvet Pure duvets untouched by synthetic chemicals

For peace of mind, total comfort and a healthy night’s sleep, there’s nothing better than organic duvets.

These organic duvets are a perfect choice if you are sensitive to the chemicals used in processing man-made bedding, or if you simply want to reduce the overall ‘chemical load’ on your body. The totally pure and organic fillings do not come at the expense of comfort. In fact, these organic duvets are dreamy soft and offer breathable warmth. The fillings and casings are completely free from synthetic chemicals and treatments.

You can choose from wool, often referred to as a ‘miracle fibre’, for its amazing natural temperature regulating qualities and softness. Alternatively, the organic cotton duvets are breathable and snuggly soft for year-round comfort.

For total peace of mind and the luxury of sleeping on materials untouched by chemical processing, organic duvets can’t be beaten!

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