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Danish Dust Mite Proof Summer Duvet

Quick Overview

  • The Summerdream duvet is filled with 90% duck down and 10% small feathers to keep you cool and comfortable at night (tog guide 4.5)
  • 100% cotton dust mite proof cover, so you can enjoy a refreshing night's sleep, with fewer related asthma and allergy symptoms
  • Machine washable at 60 and Downafresh certified for superior hygiene and peace of mind
  • Made with the finest Danish craftmanship for years of comfort and quality

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Keep cool with the finest natural fillings

For a blissful night’s sleep, it’s very important to keep your body at a comfortable temperature. If in warmer weather you find yourself waking up with the duvet half removed or your feet sticking out, that’s a tell-tale sign that you need to look for a lighter duvet.

Experts recommend that a cooler environment is more conducive to a better night’s sleep, as your core body temperature needs to drop before you drift off.

This opulent Summerdream duvet has been carefully crafted so that you can enjoy an optimal night’s rest during the warmer months. With a filling of the finest grade Class 1 European duck down and small feathers, this duvet has the classic light and lofty texture that so many people love, with a tog guide of 4.5 to help prevent overheating. The 100% natural filling and cotton cover is also ideal for those who cannot tolerate synthetic fibres.

Carefully crafted to be gentle on your allergies

When it comes to allergies and sensitivities, no detail has been overlooked in the design of this duvet.

Perfectly sanitised feathers

Some people avoid animal-based fillings over concerns that they may not be hygienic. Likewise, many people sometimes mistakenly believe that they are allergic to the down and feathers themselves, but are actually reacting to either dust mites or bacteria within poorly-sanitised fillings. (Of course, there are some people who are truly allergic to down and feathers – if you’re one of those people, head over to our synthetic duvets section for a wide selection of man-made fillings).

This duvet removes concerns about excess bacterial growth, house dust mites and their allergens. How?

The luxurious down and feather filling contains only the highest quality Class 1 brand new (not recycled) raw feathers. These fresh feathers have undergone a special sanitisation treatment called Downafresh®. This is a vigorous process of washing (up to 8 cycles around 1 hour long each), drying at over 100 degrees C, disinfection and thorough testing at a laboratory to ensure that they meet strict hygiene standards. You can therefore rest assured that the filling in your bedding is perfectly clean and hygienic, free from residual keratin and bacteria.

Naturally dust mite resistant

Do you often wake up sneezing or have a stuffy nose in the mornings? This could be an indication of house dust mite allergy. If you do turn out to be allergic to dust mites, this duvet won’t become a breeding ground for dust mites like many traditional duvets can.

The secret is the extremely tight weave of the cover fabric. It is woven so densely that house dust mites simply cannot break through and ‘colonise’ the duvet. This is proven with the official NOMITE® mark.

Easy to keep clean

Many standard duvets start out sparkling clean, but people are afraid to wash them in case the springy texture is lost. Thankfully, the Summerdream duvet is machine washable at 60 degrees C, so that you can easily remove stains, dirt, bacteria and allergens whenever you wish. 

Certified free from harmful substances

Lots of household products, including many items of bedding, are treated with harsh chemicals. This duvet carries the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, giving you peace of mind that your new duvet meets strict ecological requirements which go above and beyond existing legislation. This includes limits for the use of chemicals like pesticides, heavy metals and formaldehyde.