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Synthetic Duvets

Hollowfibre duvet on bedHollowfibre and microfibre duvets ideal for allergies

These synthetic duvets are filled with light and springy hollowfibre or microfibre. They are ideal if you can’t tolerate animal fillings but want a down-like and responsive feel from a duvet.

Forget the common perception of polyester duvets as being too hot and lumpy. Advances in technology means that nowadays these tiny fibres are both breathable and ideal for insulation, with extraordinary softness and shape retention. Many synthetic duvets now have an almost identical feel to natural fibres, without the associated allergy symptoms.    

Not sure which type of synthetic duvet to choose? Hollowfibre fillings consist of tiny hollow strands of polyester. The rigidity of the fibres helps the duvets retain their shape and gives a lofty feel. The fibres in microfibre are much thinner and offer superior insulation. The extraordinary fine fibres give a softer, luxurious feel that’s similar to that of a duvet with animal fillings. 

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