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Dust Mite Proof Pillows

Luxury dust mite proof pillow

Combine luxury with protection against dust mites

Sink your head into one of these luxurious, lofty pillows and enjoy protection from house dust mites and their allergens.

Pillows present an ideal environment for house dust mites and they generally become 'colonised' quickly. The warm environment, combined with moisture and a source of food (e.g. shed skin cells) make pillows a very inviting habitat for the mites. Many people can co-exist harmoniously alongside dust mites but if you are allergic, you might find that you experience unpleasant symptoms after coming into contact with their allergens.

Since your head is resting on the pillow throughout the night, we recommend using a dust mite proof pillow or encasing your normal pillow in a barrier case. Our dust mite proof pillows are encased in incredibly densely woven material so that the mites cannot break through. This helps to reduce your exposure to their allergens.