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Feather Pillows

Lady with feather pillow on head

Plump and lofty pillows for a dreamy night’s sleep

There’s nothing quite like sinking your head into feather pillows at bedtime. These ones have been carefully chosen for their quality, comfort and allergy-friendly properties.

Feathers are an excellent choice for any pillow filling. Lightweight and gloriously comfortable, they are outstanding insulators. Many people refuse to use anything other than feather pillows!

Each of the feather pillows in this selection is dust mite proof, tested to be free from harmful substances. The feathers and down are thoroughly washed and dried according to stringent requirements.

Shop from the range below or read more about why our feather pillows are a great addition to any bed.

More about our range of feather pillows

Thoroughly clean feathers

These feather pillows carry the DownafreshR guarantee, confirming that the feather and down fillings comply with the strictest EU hygiene requirements. In order to meet this standard, the fillings must be washed and dried thoroughly without harmful detergents, at a temperature of at least 100 degrees. The feathers are then carefully examined at a laboratory to ensure that they meet the strict hygiene requirements.

Suitable for dust mite allergies

All of the products in this section are also dust mite proof, meaning that the cotton covers are woven so tightly that they are impenetrable to the mites and their allergens. Each one carries the NOMITE certification to confirm that they are suitable for people with house dust mite allergy.

Free from harmful chemicals

All of these feather pillows meet the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, meaning that they have been thoroughly tested to be free from harmful chemicals and substances. This stringent testing goes above and beyond current legal requirements, so you can enjoy peace of mind that these items are safe and gentle to use.

Choose your filling

You can choose from duck feather or goose feather, mixed with varying percentages of down depending on the pillow. Goose feathers are slightly softer than duck feathers, but all are extremely comfortable and allergy-friendly.

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