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Organic Bedding

Flowers next to beddingThe luxury of sleeping on pure organic materials

Organic bedding is often overlooked, but we believe that it's important to think carefully about the chemicals that you may be exposed to in your bed.

Lots of man-made bedding available today can be treated with harsh chemicals, which can ‘off-gas’ while you sleep. If you have multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), chemicals in bedding may make you feel unwell. Even if you have no symptoms, you may simply just want to reduce the 'chemical load' on yourself and your family.

We've got a great range from organic cotton bed linen and organic flannelette bed linen to organic cotton and wool duvets and pillows.

Organic bedding is therefore an excellent choice. These duvets, pillows, sheets and mattress toppers all carry organic certification for your peace of mind. Made from the purest materials available, they are cosy, comfortable and breathable.

Enjoy a peaceful night's sleep and wake up fresh for the new day with our range of organic bedding, linens and bed sets.