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Mattress Topper & Protectors

Mattress topper

Toppers and protectors for even more comfort

The right mattress topper can bring a whole new level of comfort to your mattress, whilst helping to protect it.

Not only can mattress protectors give you a little extra support and cushioning at night, they can also help to protect your mattress against general wear and tear, fungi and allergens.  

From luxuriously comfortable goose down to multi-tasking dust mite proof varieties, we've hand-picked these mattress toppers for their unique comfort and effectiveness.

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More about mattress protectors

From lightweight protectors to lofty, luxurious mattress enhancers, we offer a range to suit all bed sizes and budgets.

If you have sensitive skin conditions, dust mite allergy or chemical sensitivity, a mattress protector or underpad will keep your mattress in great condition.It will also be kind to your allergies at the same time.

Look out for organic or Oeko-Tex certifications if you are chemically sensitive. The NOMITE certification is a good one to look for if you need a tightly woven mattress protector to keep dust mites at bay. A waterproof mattress topper is perfect if you have night sweats or want to protect your mattress from spillages.

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