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  • Better Air Environmental Probiotic Spray

Better Air Environmental Probiotic Spray

Quick Overview

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  • Reduces mould allergens and pathogens
  • Eliminates odours of microbial contamination
  • Restores indoor ecological balance
  • 100% safe and environmentally friendly

Availability: Out of stock


Availability: Out of stock

Reduces mould allergens and pathogens

The Better Air Probiotic Spray reduces moulds and pathogens by replacing the bad bacteria with good bacteria in the form of probiotics. As well as dealing with the bad bacteria, it reduces mould growth by removing the bacteria mould needs to live on. In the same way it may help reduce dust mites on surfaces because dust mites need fungi to live on and without fungi their food source is removed and consequently they die.

Eliminates odours of microbial contamination

When microbes proliferate they can cause unpleasant odours. By removing the microbes, those smells are eliminated.

Restores indoor ecological balance

When you use chemical cleaners all the bacteria, both good and bad are eliminated. When you use the Better Air Probiotic spray you retain the good bacteria, while getting rid of the problem-causing bad bacteria. Destruction of microbial life by strong chemical agents is widely practiced; this in turn causes a reaction very similar to the wide use of antibiotics in our body. The more we abuse it the stronger the microbial life will get, which forces us to use higher and stronger dosages. This "method" is used with disinfectants on surfaces with potentially very negative consequences. We are actually generating DNA manipulations in our environmental microbial life which create "Superbugs" - bacteria and mould which can resist strong doses of chemicals. Furthermore the resources for bacterial growth are not entirely removed (dirt, moisture, food etc..) and since a sterile space cannot be maintained for long, bacteria and mould can return to populate these areas. The Better Air BioZone™ Probiotic system overcomes this by simply displacing the microbial life and leaving no room for the pathogen to return.

100% safe and environmentally friendly

The Probiotic Spray is  a safe, all-natural, environmental probiotic spray for manual protection against harmful indoor contaminants and helps reduce mould allergens. It is suitable for use in vehicles, trains, planes, hotel rooms and also great for your office. Keyboards are known to harbour bacteria so this spray would be ideal for use on them.