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Bio-LIfe International

Bio-Life International

About Bio-Life International

Bio-Life, established in 2000, is the UK’s leading specialist in indoor allergy prevention.

The products, formulated by the Pharmaceutical Chemist, David Munden, and the Biologist, Mary Lloyd, are independently tested for efficacy and Allergy UK and National Pharmacy Association approved. There are 3 product ranges:

  • Bio-Life Homecare
  • Bio-Life Medicleanse Personal Care
  • Bio-Life Medicleanse Pet Care

The HomeCare range is designed to prevent rhinitis, hayfever, asthma, eczema and hives for people who are allergic to dustmites, pets, pollen and mould, and are manufactured in the UK.

The MediCleanse ranges for you and your dog are chemical friendly, antimicrobial toiletries for problem skin and protection against infection.

EcoCitricin is an insect repellent based on essential oils and Icaridin, the World Health Organisation approved alternative to DEET.

The Bio-Life Philosophy

Bio-Life are purely focused on alleviating allergies and sensitivities and reducing their causes.

Bio-Life and The Healthy House®

With the rigorous, independant testing coupled with their focus on allergies The Healthy House® feels the Bio-Life ranges offer a greater choice for those afflicted with allergies. The Bio-Life ranges ideally complement all other steps that one can take to alleviate allergies and sensitivities.

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