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  • energydot bioDOT and smartDOT Duo Pack

biodot and smartdot Duo Pack

Quick Overview

  • Duo Pack contains one biodot and one smartdot saving £15.00 
  • The biodot is a harmoniser, which has been designed to help you feel more energised by strengthening your personal biofield
  • The smartdot has been designed to help neutralise EMF radiation from devices like Smart Meters, Wi-Fi routers, smart phones and computers
  • Wear your biodot underneath your watch or attach to an item of jewellery
  • You can attach your smartdot to devices like your smart phone, DECT phone, laptop or microwave

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock

The energydots range has been designed by Phi to help retune and revive your natural energy, and to help harmonise electromagnetic radiation. 

The Duo Pack offers you personal harmonising with the biodot and a smartdot to go on your mobile or other device.

About the biodot

The Phi biodot personal energy harmoniser has been designed to strengthen and harmonise your biofield, helping to "recharge your batteries"

Like a cassette tape, the biodot is programmed with an energy signature, using resonant phi technology®.  The natural, coherent frequencies used in this programming are designed to harmonise or retune your energy field. They are thought to remind your energy field of its optimal state, making it more coherent and resilient. It is almost like 'recharging your battery' and may help to relieve some of the effects of electrostress and stresses of modern life.

Over the last 13 years customers have reported the following benefits as a result of using a biodot:

  •  higher energy levels
  •  better sleep
  •  fewer headaches
  •  greater concentration
  •  relief from tension
  •  less stress


About the smartdot

The Phi smartdot EMF harmoniser has been created to help harmonise or ‘retune’ the EMF radiation given off by devices such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi, laptops, Smart Meters and DECT phones.  

Some people, especially those with electrical sensitivity, might experience symptoms such as feeling drained and lacking in energy after being exposed to these electromagnetic fields.  

The aim of the smartdot is to retune this radiation into a frequency that our bodies can tolerate better, a little like a ‘tuning fork’.