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  • Bluemagicball Laundry Ball
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Bluemagicball Laundry Ball with Silver

Quick Overview

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  • Bioactive, eco laundry ball with silver ions
  • Kills bacteria in your washing, giving you fresher laundry
  • Enables you to wash clothing at lower temperatures
  • No harsh chemicals or aggressive disinfectants
  • Helps to prevent body odour in clothing
  • Lasts up to 160 washes, saving money, energy and water

Availability: Out of stock


Availability: Out of stock

This eco laundry ball contains naturally antibacterial silver ions, keeping your laundry fresh, clean and free from body odour.

Most modern textile items can only be washed at relatively low temperatures, which allow bacteria to grow and reproduce. Although fragranced fabric softeners and detergents may cover up the smell, bacteria may still be present in your laundry. This can lead to body odour and smells developing on your clothing within a short time.

The Bluemagicball tackles this problem. This eco-friendly washing ball releases silver ions into the water, distributing them into your laundry. The washed laundry remains impregnated with silver for approximately ten weeks and even helps prevent body odour for up to two days!

Tests have shown that the bioactive fibres are safe for the skin and can be helpful in the prevention of skin infections. You no longer need to wash on a hot wash for hygienically clean laundry. The Bluemagicball lasts for up to one hundred and sixty washes. The colour indicator on the ball will change from red to pale blue when it needs replacing. lt does not contain nanoparticles

Fabrics washed with the Bluemagicball have been found to contain 99.9% less bacteria and germs, compared to fabrics washed without it.

The effectiveness of silver is based on the release of silver ions. This release is caused by humidity. Silver ions prevent the reproduction of bacteria naturally by blocking their energy production - micro-organisms virtually starve to death.

The acttive agent in the Bluemagicball is Silver Chloride (1.2%).