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  • Blueair 280i Air Purifier
  • Blueair 280i Air Purifier
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  • Blueair GHI Award 2020
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Blueair Classic 280i Air Purifier with SmokeStop Filter

Quick Overview

  • Integrated Air Quality Sensor
  • Wi-Fi connectivity - can be turned off
  • HEPASilent® technology 
  • SmokeStop removes gases, formaldehyde and VOCS 
  • A robust steel casing
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Ability to clean air in rooms up to 37m2

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock

Integrated Air Quality Sensor

The Classic 280i model shows you at a glance the quality of the air inside your room. The updated control panel and LED touch buttons are hidden inside the top panel.  These controls are able to keep track of the operations your air purifier performs, letting you know the filter status as well as indicators of PM2.5 and VOC levels. 

With electronic sensors the auto mode allows the unit to regulate its speed according to the actual amount of particles and gaseous contaminants in the air. This air purifier allows you to continue in your tasks without having to manually alter the Blueair 280i settings.

To take the concern out of maintenance, the Blueair 280i air purifier includes a filter change indicator. This helps you maintain optimal performance.  

The Healthy House® offers the range of Blueair replacement filters to help you maintain your Blueair Classic 280i. Take a look at our Filter Replacement Service tab for peace of mind.

Wi-Fi connectivity 

Connect the unit to the Blueair Friend App (available as a free download from the App store or Google Play) and you will be in control of the quality in the room even when you are not at home.  Track changes, and get tips to improve, your indoor air quality. This function can be turned off if you are electro sensitive or you just prefer not to have Wi-Fi in your home.

HEPASilent® technology 

This is an ideal air purifier for smoke, dust mites, pet hair and allergens, mould spores, bacteria and some viruses. The HEPASilent® technology allows the Blueair air purifier to use less dense filter media. This means it will still achieve the same or even better efficiency than air purifiers using traditional HEPA filters. With high airflow and high efficiency, HEPASilent® delivers more clean air and gives a better indoor air quality.

For more detailed information view the HEPASilent® detail tab.

SmokeStop technology filters remove gases, formaldehyde and VOCS 

SmokeStop technology includes a filter with enhanced activated carbon. This dramatically reduce gaseous pollutants. These pollutants include exhaust fumes, cigarette and cigar smoke, carbon monoxide, ethylene oxide, ozone, formaldehyde and VOCs (volatile organic compounds, including household paints and other chemicals). Adding activated carbon to a filter may affect airflow and CADR between 5 -10%. You may also notice a slight odour from the carbon when the filter is first used; this will quickly dissipate.

For more detailed information view the SmokeStop detail tab.

A robust steel casing

The Blueair 280i casing is made from galvanized steel. It is tough enough for the most challenging environments and also beneficial for those who suffer from issues with plastics.

Extremely quiet operation

The Blueair 280i Air Purifier technology allows for an incredibly quiet operation. This means it won't impact at all on a work environment, a living room environment or even in the bedroom, it will simply sit unnoticed doing its job to improve your environment as you live, work and sleep.

Ability to clean air in rooms up to 37m2

The Blueair 280i air purifier will easily filter the air in your room size up to 37m2 3 times an hour on the high setting. The Healthy House® recommends their air purifiers based on a minimum of 3 air changes per hour. See Blueair Air Changes tab for a clearer picture of the air changes per hour in various size rooms.

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