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Case Study - Ann's symptoms and treatment of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity experienced by Ann

When I returned to the UK in 1996 I found myself employment within the month. It was then that I started getting really bad headaches which lasted for 2 or maybe 3 days.  Eye tests and glasses made no difference so I just put it down to eye strain from using a computer for 8 to 10hrs a day.  A few months after starting here at The Healthy House Maxima and I set about trying to find the cause, so I started a diary to see if there was any pattern to what was happening and we found that the day after I spent time ironing was the day the headaches started.  Maxima pointed out that I was showing symptoms of multiple chemical sensitivity.

The ingredients of fabric softener I was using were quite harmful and I stopped using it immediately. The diary also showed that some deodorants and perfumes used by my family were also causing me problems. I suffer with headaches very rarely now and when I do it is usually down to something new being introduced to my daily routine and can be pinpointed almost immediately.

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