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Case Study - Dust Mite Allergy

Allison tells us about her son's experiences of house dust mite allergy

I started working at The Healthy House in March 2007. At that point I was unaware of many of the allergies that our company helps with but I was aware of asthma and eczema as my son suffered with mild eczema as a baby. He grew out of eczema quite quickly and then from around the age of eight was diagnosed with asthma which I feel was the after affects of having pneumonia at 5 years of age and also bronchitis. He was given inhalers which he only really needed when doing sports and when the weather changed from warm to cold and vice versa.

Blocked Nose, Constant Sniffing

From around the age of eight my son had always woken up with a blocked nose and constantly sniffed until he was out of the house. I didn’t think anything of it and just assumed it was how he was. Some nights he would wake everyone in the house up with the problem and was also very tired and irritable because of it.

Was it a Dust Mite Allergy?

After a while of working at The Healthy House I started to consider dust mite allergy. I had not previously thought about or even heard of this condition. I bought some Dust Mite Proof Pillows, a Dust Mite proof Duvet and covered his mattress with a dust mite proof barrier case. I also started using the HomeCleanse and AirCleanse allergy sprays in his room and all over the house along with an air purifier.

A Changed Boy...

Within a week he was a changed boy - no more blocked nose and sniffing. After a while the inhalers were not used and the doctors signed him off needing them.

He is now 17 but I still religiously keep his room dust mite protected. You can guarantee though if he stays at friends’ houses he will come home in the morning with a blocked nose and sniffing.

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