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Eczema experienced by Ann

When I started working at The Healthy House one of the questions I was asked in my interview was whether I had any allergies.

I explained that I suffered quite badly with eczema as a child. I spent my summers at the local swimming pool and we never associated or were warned of the problems chlorine could have for anyone with eczema.

I remember the pain I suffered from the open wounds behind my ears and in every joint. The skin cracked in all the creases of my fingers and my heels so that walking and even writing was painful. I was constantly back and forth to the doctor for creams and lotions, but some of the hydrocortisone creams only caused more problems.

I spent years hearing the words “she will grow out of it” and thankfully I did but I have been left with really dry skin.

I started using the Crystal Ball bath dechlorinator as soon as they became available and was amazed at the difference it made to my skin, so I have now fitted the shower filter. I am keen to now install the wholehouse water filter system, which will take out the chlorine all over the house.