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Electrical Sensitivity - Ann shares her experiences

Office manager Ann's experience of Electrical Sensitivity

Since starting at The Healthy House I have always been interested in the customers who have electrical sensitivity and it is while discussing these problems that I realised I should also look at what was happening in my own home. I have two grown up sons who have filled my house with what can only be described as “boys' toys”, plasma televisions and WiFi not to mention mobile phones and DECT phones. The house seemed to be alive all the time with some members of the family being up all night using their laptops and game consoles!

While talking to a colleague one day he suggested I borrowed his Energetic Vitaliser.  This was a plug in unit and there was a marked difference in everyone's sleep patterns almost immediately. I now have my own Vitaliser and would not be without it. I am very aware of anything new which is brought into the house, especially DECT phones, one of which I had a real problem with due to electrical sensitivity.  The pulsing in the head and the warm ear was very worrying so I attached the Green8 harmonisers and it stopped instantly. 

We always make sure that any phones we use (DECT or mobile) have extra protection because they are being used so close to the head.  

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