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Mould Allergy and Asthma Case Study

Lesley's experiences with mould and the AirFree air steriliser

My name is Lesley. I have worked for The Healthy House for over 5 years.  I joined the company knowing a small amount about allergies as I have experience of house dust mite allergy and mould allergy and more recently eczema. Since joining the company I have tried many of the products that we offer and have found them all so helpful to my wellbeing.

Having knowledge of the Airfree air purifiers has also helped me personally as having recently moved to an old bungalow with very little or blocked off ventilation we discovered mould at the back of our kitchen cupboards. This was a worry to me as I already suffer from asthma and knew that mould would make my respiratory problems worse. We are unable to get to the mould without taking the whole of the kitchen units out which of course is a big job. I needed to find a unit which would kill the mould spores before they could harm my family or me. 

The Airfree seemed to be and indeed is the best air purifier for mould.  It stands silently in the kitchen destroying the mould spores and keeping the air free from allergenic particles that worsened my asthma.  I have had no additional breathing problems since installing it and it gives me great peace of mind!

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