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Allergy Sprays & Treatments

These hugely popular anti-allergy sprays and treatments are based around natural ingredients, non-toxic and effective. All products on this page use gentle ingredients and are a brilliant alternative to harsh acaricides. Use these sprays and treatments to tackle allergens in the air, on soft furnishings, in the laundry or given off by your pet. A range of pet allergy sprays is also available. If you're specifically concerned with your bedding and dust mites then for more information take a look at our dust mite allergy sprays information page. The Bio-Life range of sprays are made specially to denature allergens in your home, are completely safe and contain no insecticides. They denature the allergens and in turn help to relieve the allergy symptoms of dust mites, mould, pets and pollen. Read more about how the allergy sprays work belowNeed more help in finding the right anti-allergy solution? Call our friendly and experienced advisors on 01453 752216.

How the Allergy Sprays Work

Trap and neutralise allergen particles

Allergens are all positively charged particles and the allergy spays contain negatively charged solutions that attract the allergens and de-activate them. Bio-Life products engulf the allergen particles and neutralise them so they no longer cause an allergic reaction. Natural acaricides Eucalyptus and Peruvian balsam are essential oils that are natural acaricides so they get rid of dust mites. They also help to break down the the pollen and mould spores in the air.

Specific Allergy Sprays

Bio-Life products are formulated to reduce the dust mite, pet, pollen and mould allergens in your home.

AirCleanse™ attracts airborne allergens, encapsulate and neutralise them.

HomeCleanse™ spray on your mattress, duvet covers, carpets, curtains, sofas and soft furnishings will get rid of dust mite allergens and any other allergens in your rooms.

FabriCleanse™ is used as a laundry additive or a carpet cleaning additive and will remove allergens from your bedding, clothes and carpets.

PetalCleanse™ for Cats and PetalCleanse™ for Dogs should be used to wipe over your pet once a week. This removes the allergens from your pet’s coat

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