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Naturell Shielding Material

Quick Overview

  • This EMR shielding fabric blocks over 99.99 % of incoming microwave radiation (300-6000MHz) helping reduce sympromts of electrosensitivity
  • Made of Swiss Shield®  Naturell cotton fibres (18 weft x 18 warp) interwoven with lacquered silver-coated copper fibres to reflect away the EMR from devices such as mobile phones (3G/4G), Wi-Fi and TETRA masts, cordless phones (DECT)
  • Ideal for curtains, room dividers and bed canopies. 
  • Easy to tailor - gives you the flexibility to make your own curtains, canopy or clothing to help to protect you from electromagnetic radiation
  • Sold per running metre, 2.5m wide
  • Gentle wash

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock

The Naturell Shielding Fabric is up to 99.99% effective in providing protection from electromagnetic radiation, including microwave radiation, giving you peace of mind and relief from symptoms of electrical sensitivity.

Do you experience unpleasant symptoms as a result of being exposed to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from all of the wireless technologies around you today, or are you concerned about their long-term potential effects on human health?

This high-quality natural cotton EMR shielding fabric from Swiss Shield® has been described as the "Rolls Royce" shielding solution and is made from Ecological cotton fibres (18 weft x 18 warp) interwoven with lacquered copper/silver fibres.

It can stop incoming microwave radiation energy from all sources operating at between 300MHz to 6000 MHz. This range encompasses all of the major mobile/cellular phone bands (including 3G/4G, TETRA/Airwave, as well as WiFi, WiMax, Bluetooth, and cordless telephones, so it helps to shield you from radiation emitted by mobile phone masts, DECT telephones, wireless appliances and more. For the foreseeable future, 5G will use a narrow frequency band between 3.6 and 3.8 GHz. That band is well inside the performance graphs for these Swiss Shield materials, which will cope with newer wi-fi, which is over 5GHz.

This shielding fabric holds the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. This is a uniform safety standard of assessment for potentially harmful substances. Any product with this certification will not exceed stringent limits of absorption via the skin, or ingestion and inhalation of harmful substances. To achieve this standard, the manufacturer must submit its product for testing each year.

This EMR shielding fabric can be used as decor curtains, room dividers or bed canopies! The natural white washable fabric is easy to tailor into any shape. 

A small sample can be sent upon request - give us a call during office hours on 01453 752216 to arrange. Please note that Shielding Material that has been cut to order cannot be returned.