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Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers

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The level of moisture in the air is very important for allergies and general health. If your house is too damp and the relative humidity level is too high then not only does mould develop but it can encourage dust mites to proliferate in carpets and mattresses. If the humidity level is too low it can cause discomfort and upper respiratory problems.

  • Dehumidification reduces symptoms of mould allergy by removing excess moisture from the air, disabling mould growth
  • Dehumidification allows you to control the relative humidity in your space helping to control dust mites and mould
  • Dehumidification prevents furnishings and furniture from absorbing an excess of moisture resulting in mildew and mould growth
For more information on mould allergy read our Mould Allergy Information page.
Alternatively, if the humidity level is too low it can cause discomfort in the respiratory airways, coughing and a dry throat. If you have a cold, 'flu, congestion, croup or sinusitis adding warm moisture to the air can significantly help your symptoms.
The recommended relative humidity level is 40% - 60%.
  • Warm and cool mist humidification helps to relieve the symptoms of colds and croup and other respiratory congestion
  • Cool mist humidification adds moisture when the air has become too dry for comfort - reduces static electricity and makes your skin feel more comfortable