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DermaTherapy Bedding Customer Reviews

What others have said about DermaTherapy bedding

"**'s skin is nearly perfect now and he is sleeping like a baby - all in two weeks.  This was going from a very poor state of almost total eczema all over his body, threat of hypothermia according to the doctors, severely infected skin with swelling, bleeding through his clothes, etc.  It was very, very scary and we are now your biggest fans!’.  ‘We are very serious about the positive feedback as we feel this could literally have saved **'s life given the state he was in."

"My Mum says the sheets are heaven. They are cooling on the skin but keep you warm without getting hot. The sheets are helping to keep her skin condition at bay. She has since bought some more as she is so pleased."

" They seem to make me relax so much quicker – cool and soft to the touch."

"To whom it may concern: I am a 56 year old woman who has been having really bad hot flushes for a long while now.  I have been to the doctor and received medication to help, but still continued to have night sweats. After using these sheets I now have very little to no night sweats. I went from having a lot of sleepless nights to sleeping more than I should. When I first lay down on the sheets they are really cool and soft to the touch of my skin. They seem to make me relax so much quicker than regular sheets. I no longer kick the sheets off of me at night when I use them. They are truly wonderful. I recommend any woman going through this time of their life to get a set of these sheets.  It really has changed my life."

"More restful sleep and minimal sleep interruptions – I have found that the DermaTherapy Bedding has led to much more restful sleep.  My night sweats are not as disturbing as they were with the ‘old’ sheets. In fact I now have minimal sleep interruptions due to hot flushes/night sweats. I would recommend that anyone with this problem try DermaTherapy Bedding."

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