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  • Dust Mite Bed Vacuum Cleaner
  • Dust Mite Bed Vacuum Cleaner with removable filter

Dust Mite Bed Cleaner

Quick Overview

  • This revolutionary bed cleaner uses UV light to kill bacteria, dust mites and insects
  • The strong vibrating motor 'flaps' two thousand five hundred times per minute, displacing dust and germs
  • The strong vacuum suction removes dust mites and dirt

The bed plays the leading role in the bedroom and is the place our bodies touch for the longest length of time. If we don't clean the bedding regularly it will effect the health of our skin. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that by changing the bed sheets regularly that this will prevent dust mites from polluting and irritating the skin. The mattress itself can also accumulate impurities and germs. After a long period of time, the build up of germs and dust mites in the mattress will cause skin and respiratory problems, therefore, it is very important for everybody to have clean and healthy bedding.

Simple cleaning procedures do not eradicate dust mites and germs completely. This new revolutionary bed cleaner can thoroughly eliminate dust mites and germs in the room, giving a clean, healthy and comfortable environment.

The dust mite bed cleaner can be used on mattresses, bedding, carpets, soft furnishings, and upholstered furniture remembering that the surface must be flat in order for the UV light to function. The UV light will not function on dark surfaces.

The cleaner needs to glide slowly over the whole surface of the mattress or item you are cleaning. We recommend using the bed cleaner every day for the first week on a used mattress. Since dust mites will fully colonise a mattress within six months it is then necessary either to encase your mattress and bedding in dust mite proof cases or to use the bed cleaner once a month.