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  • Earthing Mouse Mat

Earthing Mouse Mat

Quick Overview

  • Item no longer available
  • This grounding mouse mat provides an easy way to earth yourself at your desk
  • Enjoy the potential benefits of earthing while you work
  • May help to reduce inflammation, increase energy and reduce potential effects of EMFs
  • Ideal if you have a laptop and use an external mouse

Availability: Out of stock


Availability: Out of stock

Connect to the Earth’s supply of free electrons while you work

The grounding mouse mat allows you to create a connection to the Earth’s natural negative charge, which many people find to be beneficial for their health. It can be tricky to earth yourself regularly in modern life, but this grounding mouse pad is an ideal way to connect your skin to the Earth’s natural energies.

The upper side of the mouse mat is conductive, and is connected to the Earth via the earth wire in your mains system. By resting your hand or wrist on the mat, you create a connection between your bare skin and the Earth.  

The earthing mouse pad is suitable for use with all types of optical and ball mice, and is ideal for those who use an external mouse with a laptop.  

If you are using a desktop computer and have a regular keyboard and mouse, then you may prefer to use the Universal Earthing Mat. Please note that, in order to earth yourself properly, your bare skin should be touching the mat. If you are wearing thin fabric it may still be effective, but less so. 

Instructions recommend that you test your sockets to make sure they are earthed. Most buildings nowadays are earthed. If you are unsure as to whether your sockets are earthed, we offer an Earth Socket Tester so that you can check.