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  • Ecozone Magnoloo Toilet Descaler
  • Ecozone Magnoloo Toilet Descalers

Ecozone Magnoloo Toilet Descaler

Quick Overview

  • Item no longer available
  • One Magnoloo will help to keep your toilet free from limescale for up to five years
  • Saves you money on chemical cleaners
  • Eco-friendly and chemical-free 

Availability: Out of stock


Availability: Out of stock

Magnoloo is a chemical free, anti-limescale toilet descaler. Simply drop one Magnoloo descaler into the cistern to help keep your toilet free from unsightly stains and a build-up of limescale deposits for up to five years.

Research has shown that when the water is treated magnetically the calcium carbonate does not form a hard limescale and instead flows out of the toilet with the water. Use one Magnoloo per cistern – in very hard water areas two Magnoloos may be required. Two Magnoloo descalers supplied.

The magnoloo is constructed with TPE mould and High Gauss Ferrite Magnets.