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  • Electric and Magnetic (ELF) Meter-Rental

Wiring Meter Pro - Electric and Magnetic (ELF) Meter-Rental

Quick Overview

  • Deposit required for meter rental - see below
  • This weekly rental allows you to measure the low-frequency electrical & magnetic fields in your environment, without having to purchase
  • ELF meter purchase available
  • Measures electrical and magnetic fields from sources such as overhead power lines, electrical appliances and household wiring
  • Enables you to identify any ‘hot spots’ in your home or workplace
  • Accurate and easy to understand – suitable for beginners
  • Meters are rented constantly and we cannot always guarantee that they will be in stock. Our customer service team will contact you or you can ring us to confirm availability.

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Rent an ELF Meter to identify electrical & magnetic fields in your home or office

Increasing numbers of people are keen to measure the electrical and magnetic fields in their environment, particularly since research in 1979 identified a possible link between childhood leukaemia and exposure to power-line frequency EMFs.

This accurate yet simple to use meter picks up magnetic fields up to 19.99 microtesla and electrical fields up to 1999 volts per meter. The wide range it covers is between 10Hz and 2000HZ (+/- 3dB). Your ELF meter rental can detect fields from sources such as:

  • Overhead power-lines
  • Household electrical appliances (such as computers, televisions and hair dryers)
  • Household wiring

This one week rental will give you a quick overview of the fields in your home or office for very low cost. It’s important to be aware that the fields in our environment can change frequently, therefore purchasing an ELF meter to be able to constantly monitor your living/working space is highly recommended. You can purchase an ELF meter here.

We generally suggest that fields in your home should be as low as possible, simply because the long-term safety of exposure to these fields has yet to be definitively proven. This is especially the case in areas that are frequently occupied (such as your living room). As a general rule, we tend to recommend that these fields are below 0.10μT, although more research needs to be done in order to be able to establish what indicates a ‘safe’ level.

If you identify any ‘hot spots’ in your home or office, you can then take a look at your furniture arrangements – for example moving your favourite chair into a space with lower fields.

Simple to use and accurate

A combination of a clear digital display and sound output enables you to easily identify the levels of electrical and magnetic fields in a given space. The pack comes with clear instructions to help you understand the readings. A battery is included.

Please note: if you wish to measure the fields at higher frequencies, such as those that can be emitted by Wi-Fi, DECT phones and smart meters, you may wish to rent or purchase an Acoustimeter instead, or try one of our rental packs. The ELF meter measures only low-frequency electrical fields and magnetic fields.