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EMF Protection

Most people use 'gadgets' like mobile and cordless phones, smart meters and Wi-Fi routers day-in, day-out, often without a thought to whether or not they are safe.

However, an accumulating body of research suggests that exposure to these technologies could have long-term implications for our health. This led the IARC to classify powerline and radio frequency EMF radiation as possible cancer-causing agents.

What's more, a growing number of people are claiming to experience unpleasant and sometimes severe effects as a result of exposure to EMFs of various frequencies. Many refer to the occurence as electrosmog. This condition is referred to as electrical sensitivity or electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

If you're concerned about the potential health effects of these fields, or you are electrically sensitive, this range of products has been designed to help provide EMF protection and give you peace of mind. 

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