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Connecting with the Earth

Earthing and grounding products to use at home or work

Earthing is skin contact between you and the ground, and it's believed to help couple your body to the earth’s eternal and gentle surface energies. Going barefoot is a simple way to do this, though the weather is not always conducive to this! A more convenient way to ground yourself is to use earthing products such as conductive bed sheets and mats.

During earthing, it's thought that your body becomes suffused with negatively charged free electrons that are abundantly present on the surface of the earth. Your body immediately equalises to the same energy level, or potential, as the earth.

Please read the Info section on each product carefully before use. If you are on Warfarin, are pregnant, or are taking medication to regulate blood pressure, blood sugar or hormone thyroid levels, please consult your doctor before using any of these earthing products.

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More information about Earthing

Click here to downoad more information on the health benefits and studies on Earthing or watch the videos below to learn more about this practice and how it might benefit you.

Video of Dr Sinatra on Earthing

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