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Wavewall Protection

Protect both your phone and your body with WaveWall anti-radiation phone cases

If you’re concerned about the potential health effects of exposure to mobile phone radiation, a protective case is a ‘must’. The WaveWall range has been independently tested to reduce EMF radiation reaching the body by 87%. It does this by incorporating a unique metallic fabric which directs radiation away from your body.

Shop the WaveWall range of protective cases below, or read more about how they work.

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More about the WaveWall range

The WaveWall cases support a wide range of mobile phones (click on the individual products for sizes and models).

They don’t interfere with your phone signal, and have a subtle and durable genuine leather design.

The Classic case has been designed primarily to protect the male reproductive organs from potential effects of EMF radiation, by reflecting it away when placed in the pocket. Studies have suggested that mobile phone radiation may cause reduced sperm viability, motility and low testosterone, all of which can contribute to male infertility. However, females can of course can benefit from the WaveWall Classic too!

The Flip case protects your head too, when you’re on the phone.

Watch the video below to learn more...

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