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Meters to Measure Electrical (Wiring) and Microwave (Wireless) Fields

PF Meter

Measure the fields at home with these electrical, magnetic and microwave meters

Our detectors and monitors are very easy to use and give you an instant and accurate idea of what fields are present in your living space. This allows you to take appropriate action to move beds or seating away from sources of electrical and magnetic fields. 

Whether it’s a ‘hotspot’ from a neighbour’s Wi-Fi router on the other side of the wall, or a mast near to your home, you might be surprised at what you can uncover!

Depending on the model, our detectors can detect extremely low frequency EMFs up to radio frequency EMFs such as the type emitted by wireless consoles and smart meters. Refine your search by clicking on the Radiation Detection tab, to show which EMF detectors and monitors detect particular types of radiation.

"We were shocked to discover the amount of radiation coming from the cordless telephone and a source of radiation at the back of the house - a mobile phone mast some 500m away..." A.G.