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Mobile Phone and Tablet Protection

Using a mobile phone

Anti-radiation shielding and harmonising for mobile phones & tablets

Many of us, particularly young adults and teenagers, seem to be permanently attached to our mobile phones and tablets.

We use them often without a thought to what the potential long term health effects could be as a result of almost continuous exposure to EMF radiation. Read more on 'Is Radio-Frequency Radiation Safe?'

If you're electrically sensitive or simply want to have a little peace of mind, these products have been designed to help reduce the impact of the radiation on your body. 

Choose from a range of tried-and-tested protective mobile phone radiation shields and headsets to help reduce your exposure.  

Along with the protective products we offer a complementary range of harmonisers, such as the Green8 and Phi products. These come in the form of adhesive foils or ‘stickers’ to attach to your phone or tablet. These harmonisers do not physically shield, block or reflect radiation away. Instead, they have been designed to help 're-tune' the fields into a more tolerable frequency, in harmony with the body. To find out more about how they may work, please click on the products.