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Protection for the Home and Office

Man with technologyManage EMFs in your home or at work

As we try to relax at home, many of us now spend a great deal of time surrounded by electrical equipment. From our computers to DECT phones and microwave ovens our home can be "buzzing" with EMF activity. Similarly, our offices and workplaces are full of equipment that gives off these waves.

These fields may affect those with electrical sensitivity. There are also growing concerns about this impact on those who may not be so sensitive. The long term effects of exposure to the EMF radiation that these devices emit are as yet unknown. 

To give you peace of mind, we offer a selection of products designed to help protect against, or harmonise, the effects of EMFs in your house or office. If you have your own experience of a product that we should consider do let us know.

Shop from a range of products which may reduce EMF levels in your home or workplace, including shielding material (so that you can create protective curtains or bed canopies), EMF neutralisers for the home or desk (such as the harmonising energy DOTs) and much more.

Need assistance or more information? Call our friendly and knowledgeable team on 01453 752216.

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