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Wi-Fi Protection

WiFi alternatives

Reduce your exposure to Wi-Fi radiation

In this section you’ll find a range of products that may help to reduce your exposure to Wi-Fi radiation.

Most homes now contain Wi-Fi routers, which emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs). If you are electrically sensitive or are simply concerned about potential long-term health effects as a result of exposure to EMFs, then there are a number of ways in which you can reduce your exposure to these fields.

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More information about reducing your exposure to Wi-Fi radiation

There are a number of ways that may help you to reduce the potential effects of Wi-Fi radiation in your home or office.

You can try an alternative to Wi-Fi, such as the dLAN systems. These create a network connection throughout the electrical wiring in your home, rather than using wireless technology.

If you can’t replace your Wi-Fi with an alternative system, harmonising devices such as the Phi smartDOT could help. These small adhesive foils can be attached to your Wi-Fi router, and contain an energy signature which is designed to ‘retune’ the EMF emissions into a more tolerable frequency for your body. These do not shield or block the radiation in any way. Rather, they have been created with the aim of harmonising the emissions.

If you are very electrically sensitive and feel that a neighbour’s router is causing you problems, you can try shielding material to create a protective canopy, along with moving most-used furniture away from high exposure areas.

You can read more in our Electrical Sensitivity Information Hub or if you need assistance do give our friendly team a call on 01453 752216. 

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