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Gloves, Clothing and Masks

Allergy-friendly clothing, gloves and masks for skin conditions

Standard clothing can be harsh and irritating on eczema or psoriasis prone skin.

If the eczema is on hands, gloves can be used over creams at night or for work, school, playing and gardening. Specially designed sleepwear for children with eczema helps to protect irritated skin from scratching and can help both you and your child have a better night's sleep. 

Masks help prevent allergens from being inhaled. In our disposable range higher levels of efficiency are achieved with a better face seal. 

  • Particle masks are suitable for pollen and dust allergies
  • High efficiency masks also deal with viruses
  • Vapour masks have an extra carbon layer to combat chemicals and fumes
Our washable masks are becoming very popular and come in a range of materials. The latest addition is the cold weather mask - designed to help reduce the incidence of cold weather related respiratory illness.