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  • Green8 Evolution 5G Phone Harmoniser
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Green8 Evolution 5G Phone Harmoniser

Quick Overview

  • Uses harmonising technology to help neutralise the effects of electromagnetic frequencies
  • Designed to help you feel more energised
  • Apply to smartphones, mobile and DECT phones
  • Does not affect reception, so you won't miss any important calls or messages

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Designed to be applied to mobile phones, DECT phones and tablets

For many of us in the digital age, our mobile phone/cordless (DECT) phone is a 'must-have'. It has been estimated that the average person uses their mobile 150 times per day!

With more and more studies hitting the headlines recently questioning the safety of mobile phone radiation, many of us are looking to take precautions by reducing the impact that this radiation has on our bodies. Rather than shielding, absorbing or blocking the radiation, the Green8 products aim to 'neutralise' this radiation using a harmonising technology.

This self-adhesive, anti scratch foil measures 35 x 25 mm and subtly fits into the battery compartment of your mobile phone or fixed to the back (between the phone and its case). For cordless phones, attach one foil to the back of the base station and one to each handset. For tablets, the foil can be attached directly on to the back or inside your protective case. 

May help you to feel more energised, by neutralising electromagnetic frequencies using a harmonising technology

Using the principle of entrainment (whereby one frequency is translated into another), the Green 8 Evolution is designed to translate the unnatural EMF frequencies into a frequency that the human body is better equipped to cope with. Over the years, many of our customers have reported health benefits as a result of using harmonising products from the Green 8 range, including:

  • Increased tolerance of mobile phone radiation
  • Improved energy levels
  • Face and eyes no longer 'sting' after phone usage
  • Reduction in 'hot ear' feeling


It is recommended to replace the Green8 Evolution after 1.5-2 years, considering ever changing technologies.