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Hay Fever Case Study

Lynsey's experience of Hay Fever

I’ve had hay fever all my life. Having swollen eyes, runny nose and generally being tired all the time was a normal day for me in the summer months. I remember taking tablets, eye drops and all different kinds of prescription nasal sprays throughout my childhood, not knowing that the steroids in the sprays would eventually make my nose worse and ultra sensitive, as over time they have thinned my nasal passages.

In my late teens I had become so sensitive that I didn’t go outside in the hot weather unless I really had to. I would have instant sneezing attacks and my eyes would water for a few minutes after each attack which would send my face bright red and often random people would think I was upset or crying which would be very embarrassing. These “attacks” would be constant in the morning hours then get slightly better over the day and then worse again in the evening. I stopped using the nasal spray at this point and the tablets I had been taking throughout my childhood were actually recalled as they had become dangerous.

I started working at The Healthy House in 2006 and realised that there were so many alternative hay fever products available. I started using the Salcura Sinose which is completely natural and is actually classed as a medical spray. When first using the Sinose I found it to be very painful as my nasal passages were so thin but I decided to keep going as it seemed to work. A month later the Sinose was working well giving me relief throughout the day and the pain had subsided. Now in my twenties I use the Salcura Sinose every summer in the morning and evening and recently I’ve started using the HayMax throughout the day (if needed) which is brilliant as you simply apply it to the skin under and around your nose and I can use it as often as I like.

I think I was like most people assuming that the products you get from the doctor/pharmacy are safe and actually help the problem and didn't realise there are natural products that can be so effective that can be used safely longterm.