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  • Healthy House CeraUltra for Franke M15

Healthy House M15 10" CeraUltra Filter for Franke

Quick Overview

  • Maintains the level of filtration of your Franke M15 water filters
  • Broad filter capacity including bacteria, chlorine, cysts, heavy metals, particles and trace organics 
  • Tested in accordance with ANSI/NSF protocols 
  • Peace of mind with quality and performance

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock

CeraUltraTM is the equivalent to the M15 Ultracarb for Franke filters but much more

This candle which is compatible with the M15 Franke Undersink Units has been designed with our customers in mind.  The Healthy House M15 CeraUltra candle is the equivalent of an Ultracarb but with better filtration.   

These cleanable filter elements are designed to remove suspended solids, pathogenic bacteria, hydrogen sulfide, Chlorine, Mercury, Lead and VOC's. In addition they will improve taste and reduce trace contaminants.  These filter elements have been tested in accordance with ANSI/NSF protocols for cysts, turbidity, particulates and chlorine reduction (Class 1).

Filters bacteria, chlorine, cysts, heavy metals, particles and trace organics 

The CeraUltra candle has the ability to remove bacteria, chlorine, cysts, heavy metals, particles and trace organics but with additional filtration of hydrogen sulfide, Alluminium, Iron and Mercury.

Highest % filtration for E.Coli and cryptosporidium

The CeraUltra can also achieve a higher percentage of filtration for pathogenic bacteria of 99.9999% and cryptosoridium 100%

0.5 micron absolute filtration

This highly efficient candle has an absolute filtration down to 0.5 micron with a nominal (99.99% removal) of particles between 0.2 - 0.45 microns making this filter more than adequate in removing all the plastic particles and fibres which may be found in your drinking water.

For more detailed information view the Filtration Detail tab