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  • Lady wearing HF86 Air Purifier

HF86 Personal Ionic Air Purifier

Quick Overview

  • Sorry this product is no longer available
  • Please take a look at our Airvida for a suitable alternative
  • wearable air purifier to offer clean air wherever you go
  • Uses plasma breeze technology to deliver ion rich air to your mouth and nose
  • Eliminates particles and smells - ideal for hay fever, dust and pet allergens and odours
  • Offers you cleaner air wherever you go, making it an ideal travelling companion
  • Compact design and light weight at only 55g
  • 2 x Duracell Procell AAA batteries included
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HF86 Personal Ionic Air Purifier

The personal, portable, lightweight HF86 Personal Ionic Air Purifier is worn around the neck delivering clean, fresh, ion rich air to the mouth and nose using plasma breeze technology.

You can enjoy clean fresh air wherever you are indoors and and whenever you want it. The HF86 instantly and continuously repels airborne particles (house dust, mould spores, pollen and pet dander as well as bacteria and viruses). This is particularly beneficial during the hay fever season and when you are in confined spaces such as waiting rooms, cinemas, offices or in the supermarket.

This is the ideal travel companion, using it whilst walking and car journeys it can also be used on planes and trains with ease. The ion output is 10,000/cm³ maximum. The unit operates on 2 AAA batteries (included). The total weight of the unit is just 55 grams making it truly portable. It is silent in operation, so won't disturb you or the people around you. 

A replacement pack of 4 x Duracell Procell AAA batteries is available (sold separately).