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  • High Efficiency Pharmaceutical Mask
  • High Efficiency Pharmaceutical Mask being worn

High Efficiency Pharmaceutical Mask

Quick Overview

  • Wearing a breathing mask can help protect you from breathing in irritating particles
  • Perfect if you are allergic to pollen, pet dander, mould or other airborne allergens
  • Can help protect you from viruses and bacteria
  • Disposable and designed for eight hours of use
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Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock

High level of filtration

The level of protection is determined by the FFP rating: FFP2 is 92% and FFP3 is 98% efficient, based on the total inward leakage of air around the edges of the breathing mask. Higher levels of efficiency are achieved with a better face seal, though this will depend upon the concentration of contaminants. These masks use electrostatic material and are disposable; designed for eight hours of use. When not in use store in a sealed bag away from direct sunlight. Leaving the mask in sunlight will cause the straps to dry out and deteriorate.

What it filters

The High Efficiency Pharmaceutical Breathing Mask (FFP3) can be used for animal allergy, pollen, for dusting, cleaning and sorting out books. It will also filter out very fine dust particles, viruses and bacteria. It has an exhalation valve. The mask is designed for eight hours of use though the lifespan will depend upon concentration of allergen or contaminants. Store in a sealed bag.