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  • Home Scents & Violet's Washing Machine Cleaner and Descaler

Home Scents & Violet's Washing Machine Cleaner and Descaler - 220g

Quick Overview

  • Item no longer available
  • Cleans your washing machine (or dishwasher) of residues of detergents, fabric conditioners etc.
  • 100% natural and non-toxic
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Helps keep machines dirt and limescale free

Availability: Out of stock


Availability: Out of stock

When you have been using ordinary washing powder or liquid the residue can cause buildups with unpleasant smells which can be masked by the strong chemical fragrances in these detergents.

Discourage the detergent residue & mould buildup inside your washing machine with a regular monthly maintenance wash - do a full "boil" wash program (as hot as you can get basically) with a scoop of our Washing Machine & Dish Washer Cleaner to deal with limescale and many other bits of dirt that you don't want there. Doing this on a regular basis, can actually stop the problem occurring in the first place and is recommended by most service engineers. Also make sure that you clean out the soap box thoroughly before running the maintenance wash, All of them come out somehow and it's usually in the instruction book how you do this. Pay particular attention to the softener section (if you use it) and make sure that bit is cleaned regularly. If you get the soap drawer out and look up above it you'll see a series of jets, this is where the water comes in to disperse into the drawer, make sure that is also clean, we find it best to use an old toothbrush dipped in Home Scents diluted Earth Friendly Bleach to get them clean, especially if they are a bit mouldy. Any black "stuff" you see in there is mould, it's a build up of bacteria who just love the wet environment to breed in. We also advise that the door of the machine is left slightly ajar when not in use to allow the machine to dry out between washes. 220g.