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How to Size Your Office

Employee Absentee and Productivity Questionnaire

Two main problems affecting employee productivity

1. Sick Days

Statistics show that the number of sick days being taken by staff in the modern office environment is gradually increasing. This is caused by staff catching colds or other viruses outside the work environment and bringing these viruses into the office, where others are infected.

2. Airborne Allergies

As anyone with hay fever will be aware, symptoms caused by airborne allergens can significantly reduce productivity as well as making the sufferer feel miserable. Severe hay fever, for example, can also cause days taken off sick. There is an actual cost of time and sales lost as well as the aggravation felt by other employees.

Sick building syndrome and chemical sensitivity can also be a cause of sickness and loss of productivity. This can be the result of exposure to chemical treatments in furnishings and carpets, cleaning products, VOCs, plastics, printers, photocopiers, and other people's perfumes.

What are the costs?

The first thing to do is to determine the actual cost to your organisation of employees' sick days. This will include the actual cost of sick pay and staff replacement as well as soft costs such as reduced productivity and depressed morale.

Costs of Sickness and Allergies to your organisation

It has been estimated by the CBI and Department of Work and Pensions that the average number of sick days taken per year by an employee is 8 in 2010 and the average direct cost of each absent employee was £760.

To estimate your direct costs

Number of employees ______ X  8 days = __________ total number of days absent

Number of employees ______ X £760 = __________ total direct cost

Do you know the average annual number of sick days taken by your employees?
            Actual or estimate _______________

Do you know the current annual sick pay cost to your organisation?
            Actual or estimate _______________

Do you know the annual cost of sickness cover to your organization?
            Actual or estimate _______________

Do you know the average overall % of lost productivity due to sickness to your organisation?
            Actual or estimate _______________

What % of staff would you guess have time off sick due to illness they have caught from work?
            Estimate _______________

What percentage of your staff suffer from allergies, including hay fever?
            Estimate _______________  (50% of the European population suffer from an allergy)

Other Potential Benefits

a)    Do visitors enter your place of work?   Y / N
       If yes, do you believe that you would benefit from positive advertising if they knew the environment they were in was sanitised? Y / N

b)    Do you believe your staff morale would be enhanced if you displayed the lengths you were going to to protect them in their work environment?  Y / N

c)    Do you believe your recruitment drive would be enhanced if potential employees saw what lengths the company goes to for the wellbeing of their staff?  Y/N

Area and Occupancy

a)    How many people work in your organisation?
            Number _______________

b)    List the size of all used rooms, the occupancy in those rooms and whether the rooms are open plan or enclosed by doors.

 Room name










 No of staff






 Open plan






 Reception or Waiting  





 Traffic volume






The Radic8 CleanAir 300 Deodoriser & Steriliser

Radic8 CleanAir 300 uses advanced Photo-catalytic Oxidation. Broad spectrum UV light reacts with our patented Nano Titanium dioxide plates to create hydroxyl radicals and super oxide ions.  The CleanAir 300 unit was tested by the Health Protection Agency, who found that after one hour of use over 98% of airborne pollutants were destroyed. The CleanAir 300 is ideal for use in any area where cross contamination is an issue.

The Radic8 300 with a 9mg bulb is suitable for a room up to 83 sq m with an average room height of 2.4 meters. The estimate of the number of units and the cost (ex VAT)is as follows:

Name of room ____________  Area of the room  _____/ 83 * £277.50 = __________

Name of room ____________  Area of the room  _____/ 83 * £277.50 = __________

Name of room ____________  Area of the room  _____/ 83 * £277.50 = __________

Name of room ____________  Area of the room  _____/ 83 * £277.50 = __________

Name of room ____________  Area of the room  _____/ 83 * £277.50 = __________

Name of room ____________  Area of the room  _____/ 83 * £277.50 = __________

Name of room ____________  Area of the room  _____/ 83 * £277.50 = __________

Total                                                                                                     __________