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Humidity Control for Children

Keeping your baby and children at the right temperature is becoming recognised as very important, particularly while they are sleeping. Our Weather Station will not only tell you the temperature in the room but will also monitor the relative humidity level. This can be important, particularly with a child who may be prone to allergies. A relative humidity of over 60% can cause problems with mould and mildew and may result in upper respiratory problems – a dehumidifier will remove the excess moisture. A relative humidity of less than 40% can also cause problems of dryness in the respiratory tract and dry skin. When a baby or small child is suffering from a stuffed up nose from a cold or flu a humidifier will increase the moisture in the air helping to relieve the symptoms. We usually recommend a warm mist humidifier for conditions such as croup.

Excess moisture in the air can also cause problems particularly as dust mites love warm humid conditions. A moisture level of over 60% encourages mould growth, which can affect not only any mould allergic people in the house but also the fabric of the building. A dehumidifier is really easy to use and you will be amazed at how much moisture is removed from the air. As a rule of thumb the relative humidity should be somewhere between 40 - 60%. Anything below 40% needs the benefits of a humidifier to add moisture to the air, while anything over 60% needs a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity and possibility of mould growth and dust mite proliferation.