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This revolutionary air purifying wall paint absorbs, filters and neutralises pollutants in your home. These include chemicals, solvents and VOC's from the atmosphere down to approx. one part per million. Air Filters - the air in your home can be 70x more polluted than the outdoors. It can include a cocktail of solvents and chemicals like formaldehyde. These come from sources such as carpets, furnishings, M.D.F., other paints and lacquers. Other sources include cleaning products, personal products, aerosols etc.

The special air filter silicate ingredients filters, absorbs and neutralizes those pollutants. It permanently improves indoor air quality. This air purifier effect is not exhausted within the average redecorating schedules of approx. five years. Unlike hepa air purifying units it requires no power supply, maintenance or hepa filters. Simply apply as normal wall paint and when dry, it will filter out & absorb pollutants 24 hours a day all year round. It absorbs 98 - 99% of volatile pollutants down to approximately one part per million (gas chromatographic data).

Re-apply approximately every five years. It does not clean the air of airborne particles such as dust, pollen, animal dander and moulds. It is available in matt only in 180 colours. Not available for colour matching. Coverage is approximately 12m²/l. For best results apply two coats.

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