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Lakeland (Formerly Ecos) Material Safety Data Sheet

1. Composition / information on ingredients

  • Chemical nature - Water based paints, varnishes and other coatings
  • Ingredients – can include some or all of the following: Water, acrylic dispersion. Vinyl acetate dispersions, titanium dioxide, pigments (various), thickeners – cellulosic and polymeric, barites, limestone, clay, synthetic wax, dispersion aids (various)
  • Hazardous components - none
  • VOCs/Solvents - none

2. Hazards Identification

  • Critical hazards to man and the environment - none

3. First Aid Measures

  • Eye Contact  -  May cause temporary irritation - Irrigate with water for 15 minutes holding eyelid open - Seek medical attention if irritation persists
  • Skin contact  -  Prolonged contact may cause irritation - Remove contaminated clothing - Wash thoroughly with soap and water
  • Inhalation of vapour - No hazard

4. Fire Fighting Measures

  • Hazards during fire-fighting - product is water based and not combustible

5. Accidental Release Measures

Personal protection              Refer to Section 7

  • Environmental precautions - Prevent product entering soil, natural waters and drains
  • Methods for cleaning - Large spillages should be contained and pumped into a receiving vessel - Small spillages should be absorbed on an inert absorbent (sand, tissue, sponge etc.)
  • For disposal methods refer to Section 12

6. Handling and Storage

  • Handling - No specific precautions necessary. Observe good housekeeping practices
  • Storage - Store between +5oC and 20oC protected from frost and direct sunlight. Do not use storage vessels or pipe work made of aluminium, copper or their alloys. Detailed advice on storage systems can be provided.

7. Exposure Controls/Personal Protection

  • Workplace parameters - none
  • Personal protective equipment
    • Respiratory protection - if spraying product without local exhaust ventilation, wear a normal dust mask
    • Hand protection - none
    • Eye protection - in case of severe splashing, wear waterproof overalls and boots. Wash with soap and water after handling
    • Hygiene measure - none

8. Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Physical form - Lliquid – paste                             
  • PH - 8-11
  • Colour - variable
  • Viscosity - variable
  • Odour - faint/none
  • Flammability - non-flammable
  • Vapour pressure - 23Pa@20C
  • Relative density - 1.0 - 1.4
  • Solubility in water - insoluble but miscible in all proportion

9. Stability and Reactivity

  • The product is stable under recommended storage conditions - Section 6
  • Incompatible materials - none

10. Toxicological Information

  • Long term experience of this product type indicates no danger to health when properly handled under normal conditions

11. Ecological Information

  • Degradation/elimination - The product can be virtually eliminated from water by abiotic processes e.g. adsorption onto activated sludge
  • Bioaccumulation - no evidence for bioaccumulation
  • Ecotoxic effects - no long term effects expected

12. Disposal Considerations

  • Waste product should not be discharged directly into drains or waterways without treatment 
  • Disposal of product and packaging should always comply with local and national regulations 
  • Waste water containing products should be treated in a separation and biological treatment plant
  • EU Waste code number  - No waste Code Number available

13. Transport Information

  • The product is not classified as Dangerous for Carriage Flammability – Non-Flammable

14. Regulatory Information

  • Labelling according to EU directive 88/379/EC
  • Symbol - Not subject to labelling
  • National regulations - None