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This energy-saving decorative ultra matt wallpaint insulates the walls and ceilings in your home. It saves you money in energy bills. The average UK energy bill is currently in excess of £1000 a year and energy bills are set to increase well above inflation. We are all urged to reduce our energy requirements and minimize our carbon foot print.

Insulating efficiency is normally expressed in R values. This is more relevant to thick layers (ie foam, cavity wall insulation etc). The testing methods are not really appropriate to thin paint layers. The generally accepted efficiencies for insulating paints vary considerably. They are widely considered to lie in the range between 10-30%. Given the average household energy bill of £1000+ will actually pay for itself in a very short timescale. Even at the lower end of these energy savings!

In addition, in the summer months this insulating wall paint will keep your home cooler. Studies have shown reductions of between 5-8C averaged over a 90 day period between coated and plain uncoated buildings.

Easy to apply. Available in ultra matt white and in 180 colours. Not available for colour matching. Coverage is approximately 10m²/l per coat.

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