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School Uniform

School Uniform for EczemaSpecialist school clothing for children with skin conditions

Do you have a school-aged child who lives with eczema?  Is their eczema or skin condition impacting on their school life? Do you struggle to find comfortable uniform or is your child’s uniform  irritating them?  No need to struggle any more!  

Our new school uniform from Totally Cool Clothing offers a range of essential school garments for younger children.

Totally Cool Clothing is a UK based specialist clothing company dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with sensitive or eczema-prone skin. Drawing on years of personal experience, the team combine innovative materials with intelligent and compassionate design to deliver an integrated clothing solution. The company’s unique BamSil® hidden lining allows them to deliver beautifully soft, thermo-regulating clothes that are durable and easy to clean, all manufactured in close consultation with a leading paediatric dermatologist and British textile experts. Learn more about Totally Cool Clothing.

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Why use specialist school uniform for eczema and sensitive skin?

In wearer trials, nearly 50% of trial participants reported an improvement of their child’s skin condition from “poor” or “very poor” at the beginning of the trial to “good” or “very good” by the end of the trial!  One child’s grades were reported to have jumped two levels in their first term of wearing the Totally Cool Clothing trousers!

The Totally Cool Clothing team understand that the impact of skin conditions to self-esteem can be as damaging to the sufferer as the skin condition itself.  So the clothes are modern in design and flattering whilst the outer fabric is hardy and durable against the rigours of school life.

While the immediate focus is to ease the suffering of children and help them to thrive in school, the company has not forgotten the busy parent/carer, so all garments are machine-washable and appropriate for tumble-drying. 

Children are spending up to 70% of their waking hours every year in their school uniform.  It makes sense to buy them clothes that are specially designed for their condition!

Further information about BamSil

BamSil is a unique blend of yarn from bamboo and silk and has many of the properties of therapeutic undergarments:

  • Incredibly soft and soothing next to the skin, BamSil helps keep the child comfortable throughout the day and helps to reduce the itch/scratch cycle;
  • It’s naturally occurring thermo-regulating effects help to protect the wearer’s skin from fluctuating, sudden or dramatic changes in temperature, when going from a cold playground to a warm classroom, for instance.
  • It is so absorbent that sweat, which can aggravate the condition, is quickly wicked away from the surface of the skin, minimising the impact of vigorous activity on the condition. This also means it does not stick as much to cuts or weeping scratches as other fabrics.
  • BamSil is breathable, allowing a healthy environment for the skin, whilst minimising dehydration of the skin. 
  • It is unbleached and undyed and therefore non-irritating, providing a discreet, protective layer for your child’s skin.
  • As a lining fabric, it is discreet!  No-one else needs to know your child has a skin condition.
  • Children LOVE the feel of this fabric next to their skin!


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