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Lumie Light Therapy

About Lumie

Light therapy specialists Lumie have been helping people with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) since 1991. Based in Cambridge, Lumie works closely alongside scientists and researchers to bring the most effective light therapy products for wellbeing. 

Grounded in scientific research, Lumie products are certified medical devices and are supplied to the NHS. The company is registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. 

Lumie are passionate about light therapy and helping us all to rise and shine, focus, feel happier and increase energy levels. They even supply light therapy for the British Swimming and Rowing teams!

The Lumie Philosophy

Lumie focus purely on light therapy products with no compromise. They truly understand the affects of light and light therapy to our physiology and are constantly developing their products to help improve our lives.

Lumie and The Healthy House®

It's Lumie's dedication to the cause and their comprehensive range which is one reason why The Healthy House® is proud to offer them to our customers.

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