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  • DD8L Zambezi with Which 2017 Logo
  • DD8L Zambezi Control Panel

Meaco DD8L Zambezi Dehumidifier

Quick Overview

  • Which? Best Buy 2017
  • Removes up to 8 litres of moisture a day
  • Tank capacity 3 litres
  • Desiccant wheel very quiet in operation and allows use down to 0C.
  • Three speed fan - high, low and energy saving laundry
  • Nano silver anti-bacterial filter and an ioniser to keep your air clean
  • Suitable for a flat, a house, boat or caravan
  • Advanced digital display and variable humidistat
  • Scroll down for further information

Availability: Out of stock


Availability: Out of stock

The DD8L Zambezi has all of the features of the DD8l as well as the following extra features

Zambezi has 6 World Firsts. These are;


The Digital Display

The digital display allows access to all the following features that have been requested by customers during the design process for Zambezi:

  • The room relative humidity and temperature
  • Your target relative humidity in 5% steps
  • Off Timer and an ON Timer
  • Unique Daily Run Timer
  • Unique Meaco Low Energy Laundry+
  • Unique Sterlising Ioniser
  • Happy Zambezi and sad Zambezi 

 The Sterlising Ioniser

Neutralises viruses, bacteria, odours, moulds, dust and dust mites.

Other dehumidifiers that have ionisers that have an effective range of about 1 metre and only deal with dust particles..

The  Sterlising Ioniser+ technology used in the Zambezi is clinically proven to destroy viruses, bacteria, germs, odours and moulds over a 10 metre range. The high end ceramic high voltage ioniser emits a combination of hydrogen and oxygen ions. This helps to create a cleaner, healthier and safer environment for your family.

The Meaco Energy Saving Laundry+

When you use the Laundry Mode on other desiccant dehumidifiers, they simply run continuously at full power (about 650 watts).

What the Zambezi does is monitor the amount of moisture around the drying clothes and adjust its power consumption so that the whole process is as economical as possible. The wattage goes from 650 to 350 to 40.

The Meaco Turn Me On

The Zambezi is designed to protect your home from excess humidity and moulds. If you turn it off and leave it plugged in to the mains it will "ask you" to turn it back on if the relative humidity goes above 70% (when mould grows).

The Meaco 20+ Control

With most dehumidifiers, if you happen to put it on the wrong setting and the humidity increases it carries on as you have set it.  If you leave your dehumidifier to work in your garage, boat or caravan and its on the wrong setting you could find damage occurs  from mould and damp.

The Zambezi is designed to increase its fan speed if the relative humidity rises 20% above what you have set it for thus caring for your belongings!

The Meaco Timer+

This is the feature that customers kept asking for. The Zambezi not only has an Off timer but an On Timer, Daily Run Timer and an Off Timer. This gives you complete control not only over your relative humidity but also your power consumption.

If you want your Zambezi to do the following - NO PROBLEM, it can do it all!

  • Turn on and off at a particular time each day
  • Turn on 2 hours after you have gone to bed
  • Turn off 4 hours after you left it to dry the laundry

More Great Features Include

  •  Child Lock to prevent your child from meddling with the controls
  •  Super condenser to increase dehumidification
  •  Anti-mould coating on the water tank
  •  Patented anti-blockage system
  •  Class leading safety features

The Charity Tie UP

In order to incorporate all the features that customers have requested and to give the Zambezi a bit of personality Meaco decided to do this with an elephant. This is how Jonathan Truss (who provided the happy and sad Zambezi elephant images) and The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation got involved.

When you purchase a Meaco Zambezi not only are you going to benefit from the most advanced and flexible dehumidifier ever produced by Meaco but you will also be helping the Elephant Orphanage in Zambia since a £2.00 donation will be made on the sale of each unit.