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  • MouldCheck Home Test Kit
  • MouldCheck Test after 3 days
  • MouldCheck Test after 4 days

MouldCheck Home Test Kit

Quick Overview

  • I am sorry but the MouldCheck has been discontinued. 

  • Please click here to go to our Mould Allergy Information Page

  • Mould can cause problems to allergic people; some moulds can cause health issues for non allergic people
  • Simple to use mould test kit that you can use and analyse at home
  • Tells you whether the mould level in your room is good to very poor
  • Results in 3 - 4 days; use within 5 days
  • Price includes signed for p/p

Availability: In stock

  • Buy 2 for £17.10 each and save 6%
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Availability: In stock

  • Buy 2 for £17.10 each and save 6%
  • Buy 3 for £16.87 each and save 7%

Mould can cause many problems for allergic people and some toxic moulds can cause ill health to people who are not allergic. The most common symptoms of mould allergy are a running nose, watering eyes, wheezing and sneezing and sometimes itching. In severe cases mould allergy can even cause aches and pains and depression.

We are really excited about being able to offer this new product. It is a little test kit to see what level of mould you have in a particular room. The beauty of this test is that it is so simple to use and you can analyse the results yourself. We trialled the test kit in our sitting room which is built into the bank and consequently suffers from a certain amount of damp. We usually have a dehumidifier running which we turned off the day before the test but still the results were a bit of a surprise.

Within 3 - 4 days the test kit shows you what level of mould you have in a particular room and then you can take measures to deal with it if necessary.

If your results are poor or very poor you will need to take extra measures to deal with your mould problem. Although we have had a dehumidifier running constantly in our sitting room, our results showed 12 colonies so the measures we had taken were obviously not sufficient. We have now installed an air sterilising device and use an allergen reducing spray in the air. We tested the room again after a couple of weeks and the MouldCheck showed one colony. A great improvement. 

N.B. The MouldCheck kit will need to be signed for and should be used within five days of receipt.

Recommendations to reduce mould in your room

  1. If there are obvious sources of damp that you can have fixed, have them fixed!
  2. Install a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the room.
  3. Install an Airfree which will incinerate any mould spores in the air and keep mould levels to a minimum. An Airfree works on conmvection and takes between 14 - 21 days to reach maximum effectiveness.
  4. Use AirCleanse allergy spray to control mould spores in the air while the Airfree is getting up to speed