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Organic Clothing

Synthetic clothing can be irritating to babies and young children and may contain chemical dyes and other treatments. Our organic clothing for babies and children is soft and natural, grown and made without the use of any chemical treatments so will be kind to your child's skin and lungs. 

We have chosen a basic organic range to set your baby up in the first few months of life. By buying organic you know that you are not exposing your child to unnecessary chemicals. Both natural and synthetic materials have usually been bleached and dyed and may have been treated to be stain resistant and 'easy care'. Treatments such as these can offgas in use. Our organic cotton clothing for children is either unbleached and undyed or dyed using natural, organic dyes. Commercial reactive dyes may affect asthma and can also be skin sensitizers. Once a person is sensitized to a particular dye, exposure to even tiny amounts can cause allergic symptoms such as runny nose or watery eyes.

"Our daughter started itching and became very agitated when we put a new acrylic babygrow on her. She looked very lovely in it but she only wore it for one night!" D.S. Glos.