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Pacing Notes for Chronic Fatigue, Blood Thinners, Diabetes

Pacing Notes for Chronic Fatigue, Blood Thinners, Diabetes, Thyroid Medications

A hypothesis from the Earthing study by Drs Sokal and Sokal is that cell operation is improved; basically that cell vitality is improved. This would correlate with their study results and the increase in vitality to earther’s experience. This aspect relates directly to CFS/ME and body processes that involve the bodies hormonal processes.

For blood thinners (e.g. warfarin) there is a different mechanism.

Do remember that earthing is the same as walking barefoot outdoors, for which there is no medical contraindication. However in principle the same considerations apply to indoor and barefoot earthing.

A suggested start up regime is set out below which you need to modify as appropriate o your individual circumstances.

Wherever there is a condition medically defined and especially where medications are in use care is required as the balance of processes in the body may be affected. Feedback is that this improvement in body operation can lead to a reduction in medication. Thus it is very important that you:

  1. Discuss this with your medical doctor and provide information to assist in a comfortable decision for both of you. The book may be too much for them. Studies listed below are available.
  2. That you are aware of what changes may happen and that you monitor these. You should have a period of tracking your normal situation first.


For diabetic medications regular blood sugar monitoring is usually undertaken and if not then a quality blood glucose monitor should be purchased. You should follow doctors recommendation for when to monitor but should include the fasting measurement (pre breakfast) especially when you sleep earthed.


For thyroid medications the norm is to adjust the dose according to your own symptoms, as explained by your doctor.

Blood Thinning

For blood thinners the situation may be less obvious and warfarin does are monitored at regular intervals by your doctor. If you are elderly, if the capillaries are weak (as evidenced by people areas when you knock of bruise yourself) then it is important to avoid thinning the blood to far. You should undertake a review with your doctor based on your tolerance range to changes (how frequently you have a blood test maybe one parameter), if you blood is already too thin (sometimes it is hard to get the right dose level), what issues thin blood may have. You should agree an appropriate  and regular review time, which could also address any side effects that the medication may have associated with it . Some medications do have side effects and it is sensible to be aware of these.) There are home checking INR devices (e.g. Coagucheck at £300-350) and studies indicate that these are reliable when properly used.

High and low blood pressure

Hyper and hypotension (high and low blood pressure). If due to thick blood then earthing in study has been shown to thin the blood and thus reduce BP. If high BP is due to chronic stress and blood viscosity is normal then the earthing may help address the stress slowly. With hypotension no study information is available so you should monitor blood pressure.

Low vitality including CFS, ME, the elderly and heavily energy compromised

If you are low in energy (CFS, ME, elderly) it is important to pace yourself at start up so that the time spent earthing is appropriate to you and the system you use is also appropriate.

The following are important:

the time spent earthed

  • the time spent earthed
  • the time of day you earth
  • the product
  • the connection

It appears that when you earth you improve the cells vitality, enhancing the ATP/energy production capability. It is like tuning the car. This needs more resource, more nutrition to reach the mitochondria that produce the energy. There is a need for resource and for transport to the mitochondria. ME sufferers who use the recovery bag seem to have an initial boost of vitality and then flag. The recovery bag provides a high contact area and over the whole body. It appears that a high rate of exchange outstrips the body resources. The essence is that you start slowly and monitor. Each person is different, has compromise in different areas so your own experience is the best judge.

When and for how long 

The body becomes active in the morning and we suggest starting then, when the body seems to have the best ability to use the earthing input. We suggest 10-20 minutes to start with. Here is a program that you can adapt.

  1. Assess what happens when you earth via the feet outside
  2. Start at 2-3 days during the morning with your feet earthed. Note what happens
  3. If comfortable either extend the morning period by 20 minutes or use twice in the morning at different times.
  4. You can then extend the periods of operation during the day, maybe adding lunchtime earthing and again at say 3 or 4 pm in the afternoon (the norm flagging time)

The day time use should improve the energy levels, mental clarity etc, and may have an effect on sleep.

  1. When this is OK progress to the evening. Sleeping is the most sensitive time so you should go gently here. We have reports that evening earthing does improve sleep.
  2. When this regime is OK progress to sleeping earthed.

The product

The earthing mat has a higher conductive area- the whole surface is conductive- whereas for the sheet the contact area is the silver fibers. Our tests indicate that the input is slower with the sheet (which you can use folded up). The mat is easier to use.

The connection

Tests done bythe researcher showed no difference between activity on mains or rod connection. "However we do have very clear, low electrical noise mains, and a relatively EMF free house." If you are using the mains system and experience discomfort then the rod system may be a better solution. This is a very individual experience. If you are definitely electro-sensitive then the rod system is the safest connection.

Short term reactions (1-7 days)

Two people sharing the same sheet can have different reactions. One may be fine and the other may

  • have higher dream recollection
  • have restless nights

This generally lasts for about 3 days. It seems to be a tuning in. If you are already used to Earthing barefoot then this may mean you are tuned in already. This we recommend that a tuning is used- either using the mat (or folded up sheet) for 3 days. Some people find that use after dinner does help tune them in.

A foundational process for Electro sensitives

The following is a process that is part of unraveling adverse effects.

If you have reactions then there are ways to establish where the issue may lie. Note what happens to you

  1. Have a few days in a normal situation and
  2. Spend some hours barefoot earthed outside for a few days
  3. Then try the mat or sheet connected to the earthing rod outside
  4. Then try the mat or sheet connected to the earthing rod inside
    1. find a low EMF area first
    2. then do in a normal area under the normal situation.
  5. Then try again with the mains.


Reference sources- Earthing Institute